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they have successfully done it in the past. >> the question across america should they be accused or tried in a military tribunal or a civilian court. 52 percent said military tribunal and 40 percent in the u.s. court . 8 percent don't know. >> what happened here mayor bloomburg turned around. he flipped because of the cost and the security. governor patterson flipped and police chief kelly. everybody here in new york flipped and the president and their corner are going to have to listen. >> we have more headlines for you. stopping with a fox alert. u.s. missile strike in pactionev leaves nine taliban militants dead. it hit a compound and bunker. it is the latest in deadly attacks in afghanistan . in the northwest region nine people are dead after a homicide car bomb florided near a security checkpoint. >> a case of mistaken idendity forced a plane down in jacksonville, florida. the man was cleared. other passengers were scared. all . controversy about the body scans and this and that, it is what it is. we've been fortunate since 9/11. >> the apparently had the same name as the person on t
he had to say about america before he blew himself up in a live report. >> a man who is believed to cause a security breach in a newark airport. caught by police. did he have a dark plan or an honest mistake. that's the story. >> rick is riding with the bulls. he's at the new york invitational. how prop. slog an comes from pat in pennsylvania. i love to watch "fox and friends" with a fair and balanced view. lovely alyson, and clayton and dave, those handsome other two. >> that's what we prefer. >> it is "fox and friends". that was a great slogan. >> it was no bull. >> no bull. >> that was no bull. i am going to say it today and a few more times in the show. look for that. what are you fondling over there. >> that's a question i have long been asked. >> every morning asked that. >> got in from the big consumer show in las vegas. they were handing out. no one gets sleep there. they are handing out five hour energy was there. they rolled out the extra. if you need extra. >> i never have had it. i do the red bull and coffee, are you going to go there? >> i will go there. i will be li
advice from new gingrich. it is time to profile and discriminate to keep america safe. >> they went to the funeral home to mourn the loss of their beloved grandmother. when they looked in the casket, they saw another body . the story gets worse from there. our slogan comes from kate in texas. 2010 is here and 2009 is done . looking forward to another year of fox and friend and a ton of fun. >> all right. >> it's "fox and friends". rise and shine everybody. >> thank you for starting the new year with us. >>> and nailed it. >> this is fresh news. >> hot off of the presses. >>> and clay morris happy new year. >> happy new year to you guys. >> i was busy going to bed at 9:30. >> it is embarrassing. >> why have off. >> i got up at three in the morning to do the show. it is hard to keep the second wind -- >> second wind. >> going past 9:00 p.m. >> >> we are following a lot of stories for you . what you were talking about off of the show. the second suspect on the chris day day attempted bombing on the northwest flight. we didn't hear about this. we spoke to curt and laurie haskle who were
the signs. we are in america and why are the spanish speaking signs in my neighborhood? do they have a point and should they be outraged? >> i don't think so. these people are choogs to be in the united states of america and be part of our country . devoted the best part of their lives to our nation . new comers, they need to understand if their car is towed signs should be in spanish if they haven't had a chance to learn engish. i would agree that immigrants must learn english, but in the process, what is the problem? >> the problem is of course, in the community standpoint, taxpayers are paying for the road signs and money from the community is going to put up panish, speaking sinus the community should be outraged or should we cater to multilanguaged individuals. >> no, the community does have a right to be outraged. this is multilingual creep. this is great and then another agency gets on board and another agency gets on board and do more signs and suddenly you have another english optional society where people can surverify without learning the language of this country. this is in york,
to win in america get a truck. >> massachusetts is not a truck state. >> but it worked. >> and truck sales are nup massachusetts. they are wearing the cowboy outfit and he's thinking about buying a pick up truck. >> i have a pick up truck. i was, too. if you are from the west, you have a pick up truck. >> you are right, dave. >> it is a west coast thing. >> you need it with the snow. >> you see the snowfall totals. 92 inches. that is seven and half feet. foot and half taller than you guys. snow bowl in arizona. 82 i inches. look at flagstaff, arizona. they saw the third highest snowfall ever. roofs collapsing on homes and major problems and schools are closed here. thru go. how does this look. major problems in flagstaff. the problem was. it snowed and rained and then it snowed and then it is it a huge icy mess and four feet of the snow. that is almost gone and in fact california and arizona taking the brunt of the storm temperature is almost done and it will be ending boy this. you have a break until monday or tuesday and another storm is moving in. that will cause concerns for muds
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5